The relationship between dogs and humans

Dogs are social animals just like humans. The closeness of a dog's behavior patterns with humans makes dogs can be trained, invited to play, live with humans, and be invited to associate with humans and other dogs. Dogs have a unique position in relationships between species.

The relationship between dogs and humans

The loyalty and devotion shown by dogs is very similar to the human concept of love and friendship. Although it is a natural dog instinct as a group animal, dog owners greatly value the loyalty and devotion of dogs and consider them as family members themselves. Pet dogs are often even given the same family name as the name of the owner. In contrast, dogs consider humans as members of their group. The dog only slightly distinguishes the position of the owner with a dog partner who is still a group, and often does not even distinguish it at all. It even happens, when the herd of surrenders surrenders, the herd dog who previously barked the officers to surrender by lying on his back beside his employer while showing his stomach, this in the dog world is considered a sign of surrender, because his soft stomach is not protected, but instead shown


Dogs are considered to have quite high intelligence according to scientific research and field evidence. The level of intelligence of the dog depends on the race and each dog individually. Border Collie dogs are known to obey and carry out various commands. Other breeds may not be interested in obeying human commands, but prefer to show intelligence in other matters such as herding livestock.

The origin of dogs as a descendant of wolves that live in groups makes dogs easier to train than other animals. As a group member, dogs have an instinct to obey. Most dogs often don't need to deal with complicated tasks, so there is no chance of learning difficult things like opening a door without human assistance. Dogs that have been trained as guidance dogs for the blind can recognize various kinds of danger situations and how to avoid them.

Types of dogs

There are many types of dogs. For example Doberman, Welsh Corgi, Poodle, Bulldog, and others. Different types of dogs have differences, among others: food, size, nature, how to care, and others.

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