6 Scientific Explanations Regarding the Faithful Nature of Dogs to Humans

Did you know that dogs are animals that are loyal to humans? Or do you already have a dog as your best friend? The faithful nature of dogs is real and researchers have found the cause.

 6 Scientific Explanations Regarding the Faithful Nature of Dogs to Humans

Check out the explanation through various sources below, so you are not curious anymore!

1. His behavior as a social animal is different from his ancestors

The social nature of the dog is very different from that of a wolf who is a close relative and ancestor. Wolves are wild and happy to be alone, whereas dogs can be very close to humans. They become pets, play, are easy to train, and live with humans.

2. Initial allegations by experts regarding dog friendly behavior

Monique Udell of Oregon State University and Bridgett von Holdt of Princeton University said they initially suspected that the domestication or adoption of wild animals in the daily life experienced by dogs from wolves made dogs friendly to humans. But apparently not that simple.

3. Udell and von Holdt found the degree of similarity in canine chromosomes with human chromosomes that have Williams-Beuren syndrome

A finding regarding the chromosome similarity of dogs to humans who have Williams-Beuren syndrome . In humans, this is a genetic disorder due to the loss of a portion of DNA on chromosome 7. This discovery is one of the references why dogs can be very friendly with humans.

4. What about Williams-Beuren syndrome in humans?

Williams-Beuren's syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects human facial features and causes various health problems, including heart abnormalities, abnormalities in the brain, and nervous system. Psychologically, sufferers of Williams-Beuren syndrome tend to have a hypersocial attitude, be friendly even towards strangers, and have empathy that is too high.

5. Subsequent research with functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI tools

Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Queretaro scanned the brains of 7 local dogs (5 Border Collies, 1 Labrador Retreiver, and 1 Golden Retreiver) with an fMRI tool. The dogs are kept awake, silent and in control, then researchers show 50 faces of people close to them on the monitor in front of him. Brain scans show that dogs experience changes in various parts of the brain in a positive direction, which will be reflected in the cheerful behavior of the dog.

6. Dogs become loyal animals if made into pets

The discovery shows that dogs have a very good memory in human face recognition since ancient times, as evidenced by the change to be cheerful when looking at humans. This is what makes dogs a loyal animal when made into pets.

So, like that explanation of the friendly and loyal nature of dogs. Hopefully it can answer your curiosity all this time, yes.

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