4 things cause dogs and cats to never get along

Cats and Dogs are two eternal enemies since they are on earth. If the two of them met, then the battle between the two was inevitable. But why are the two quadrupeds always not getting along?
What exactly is the reason why the two cannot make peace and are always involved in a fight?

The reason why dogs and cats are always enemies

Quoted by Grid.ID from Bobo and thedodo.com, there are several reasons why dogs and cats always fight.  One of them is the miscommunication between the two.

The reason why dogs and cats are always enemies

1.Move the Tail

If you see a dog meets a cat , then pay attention to its tail. Dogs apparently don't want to confront if they meet a cat . 
Instead he wants to know and be friends with him. He conveyed the message of friendship by wagging his tail. But not for cats , precisely in the 'language' wagging the tail means challenging it to fight. This is where the miscommunication occurs, the difference in 'language' that causes them to get along.

2.Difference in Body Size

Because dogs are bigger than cats , the pussy feels more threatened by it.
Therefore, the cat will always be extra vigilant to creatures that he thinks are bigger than him and will always choose to run away.

3. Social and Anti Social

Cats and Dogs have different characters. For example dogs have a curiosity about something new, including approaching the cat they meet. While cats are more introverted and not easy to get acquainted with other animals.

4.Like chasing

Still related to the previous cause. When a dog tries to 'get acquainted' with a cat and the cat instead feels scared then he will take a thousand steps. As if the cat invited to play run-and-run, the dog then chases the cat who ran away because of fear.

What happened was even a romp event between the two.

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